The President of Nettleton Shoes, Ed Tognoni, Speaks out About the Brand.

nettleton-shoesofworthWhen we decided to launch a new line for Nettleton Shoes we investigated whether there is a market for a high end luxury product line and what that line should be. Our goal is not to be trendy; but rather to offer styles and colors that are the mainstays of a gentleman’s wardrobe. We offer men’s footwear that is classic, elegant with shoes that withstand the test of time. Classics such as wingtips, cap toe, and loafers (our trademarked name) were, are and will be around for years to come. The line is together, the product is superb and we will begin manufacturing within the next few weeks. These are among the finest pieces of footwear in the world.

We are a 137 year old American company that views footwear as an art form. We have a sterling reputation to live up to and will produce products that make us a premier player on the world stage. I invite you to check back on our website frequently for updates on products, trends and a variety of other interesting items. Thank you for visiting. Please let us know if you have questions or how we can serve you.

-Ed Tognoni – President of Nettleton Shoes

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