Proprietor of Atchafalaya Finds Classic Pair of Nettleton Shoes

We love hearing from customers old and new. See this note from a new friend to the Nettleton Shoe family about his discovery of a classic pair he came upon. If you are in New Orleans or visiting sometime, stop in and see Tony and his staff.  (Send us your story about an experience with Nettleton Shoes).

…after undergraduate studies at Tulane, New Orleans had  somewhat of a  tractor beam on my heart so I decided to stay and begin my career in  the hospitality industry.  Right now I am the  proprietor of  Atchafalaya Restaurant, and along with running this biz, I am the  Maitre ‘D as well.  Needless to say, part of the fun  of personally >> greeting, overseeing each guests meal and touching every table is having a great excuse to look sharp-always.>  Almost every night I receive some sort of sartorial complement or a question about some particular pieces provenance.  I look forward  to the first eye to pop on the sight of my new (gently used) Nettleton’s. I’ve enclosed two pictures.  I’m guessing they are the Manchester.  It would be nice to know their age and anything else you can tell me. Once again, thanks for getting back to me.  If you are in New Orleans, please look us up at Atchafalya Restaurant.

Cheers, Tony Tocco – Proprietor, Atchafalaya Restaurant, 901 Louisiana Ave., New Orleans, LA.


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