Nettleton Shoes and Market Interest

nettleton-websiteThere has been significant interest in the Nettleton brand for some time now. We have seen – articles posted on Web Sites, newspaper & magazine articles have been written and major publications have expressed an interest in future stories. A few of the mentions we have seen.

The fantastic website, Ask Andy About Clothes does an extensive article in which he describes the history of the company and offers photographs of some of the styles which were popular at various points in time. Go to his website and look at the forum discussions about our brand, .

The editor of the Pilot magazine and newspaper in Greensboro, NC, Mr. Jim Dodson recently did an article titled “Ode to Nettleton Shoes the Golden Age of Haberdashery. The article discussed how missed the brand is and how fans of the footwear tried having copies made to no avail. Our president Ed Tognoni will be speaking with the editor of the publications to do an article on the status of the company & direction.

We have interest with such flagship publications such as WSJ, Robb Report, Forbes, and GQ. Each is interested in knowing where the brand is going and would like to know more about the company history and heritage. Additionally there are websites dedicated to the sale of used Nettleton shoes both in the U.S. & Europe. We find that used pairs are selling in some cases for hundreds of dollars.

Given all of this attention the market is right for a new “heritage” line of Nettleton Shoes. We have worked hard for the past year perfecting the designs and fit of the shoes. We strive to achieve the original level of quality, stylishness and durability that Nettleton Shoes has always brought to the market. We look forward to serving you. You can contact us at with any questions you may have.

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