Customer Glad to See Nettleton Back in Market

March 31, 2013

I mourned the day that Nettleton stopped production. Having gone to Greensboro (Grimsley) Senior high, my loafer/slip-on of choice was the Greensboro. When production stopped I called from NYC and located a pair in my size. They lasted almost 20 years. I always preferred the Greensboro to the Church’s Tassel loafer because I liked the stitching much better. Having you back is a wonderful thing! When the Greensboro starts production, I hope you will do the classic tan with the white stitching on the sole as well as black.If you ever consider doing bespoke with a custom last, please let me know! I can bespoke easily in the UK but the styles I like would also be one off and the cost is astronomical.

Meanwhile, put me in the queue as early as possible for a black and a tan pair of The Greensboro. An informational aside follows: My standards for shoes are rather high. The favourites are: The Greensboro (the best made) Gucci oxblood slipons with a very low vamp (very stylish; very Italian) Dior full quill Ostrich tassel slip-ons bought in South Africa, also with a low vamp (easily the most comfortable {the nature of Ostrich} and stylish but not quite as well made as the Greensboro or the Gucci). Until now, none of them was available anymore.  Again, a hearty Welcome Back!

Best regards! – Bill Shelton

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