About Nettleton

Authorized Dealers

Andrew Davis – Bloomington, IN

Bauman’s – Little Rock, AR

Ben Silver –Charleston, SC

Bespoke and Co – Tampa, FL

Bruce Baird – Chattanooga, TN

Capital Custom Clothiers – Annapolis, MD

G Harvell Mens Clothier – Mobile, AL

Gordon’s Men’s Wear – Greensboro, NC

Greiner’s Fine Men’s Clothing – Tampa, FL & Beverly Hills, CA

H Stockton (Midtown, Lenox, Cobb, Park Place) – Atlanta, GA

J. Michaels Clothier – Nashville, TN

M Christophers – Winston Salem, NC

Plain Clothes – Homewood, AL

Pepi Bertini – Miami, FL

Richard Allen – Middleburg, VA

Rush Wilson – Greenville, SC

Steven Giles – Oklahoma City, OK

Shirts Ties Links – Louisville, KY

Sir Dudley’s Clothing – Lakeland, FL

Taylor Richard Conger – Charlotte, NC

The Nettleton Shop – Pittsburgh, PA

Become An Authorized Dealer

Our list of Authorized Dealers is ever growing. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us at info@nettletongroup.com or call 314.774.7800. Thank you.