Caring for Your Nettleton Shoes

Congratulations on owning a pair of Nettleton shoes. We present our recommendations in caring for your investment. When you take off your Nettleton shoes at the end of the day remember to insert your cedar shoe trees / forms. The cedar will absorb moisture and odor and will help them retain their handcrafted shape. If […]

Our Choice of Leathers

Nettleton shoes use calfskin for our shoe uppers. Calfskin is commonly used for high-quality shoes, wallets and other similar products. Calfskin is particularly valuable because of its softness, and tight fine grain. Because calfskin hides are small it takes more of them to make products. A calfskin hide is usually more than twice as expensive […]

Nettleton Since 1879 – Ads Through the Years

We are very fortunate to have a broad range of advertising collateral in our archives. Some of the earliest pieces date back to the late 1800’s. Of particular interest are pieces by Bert Stern and Louis D. Fancher. Bert Stern continues to produce art and advertising pieces from his studios in New York. He developed […]

Nettleton Shoes and Market Interest

There has been significant interest in the Nettleton brand for some time now. We have seen – articles posted on Web Sites, newspaper & magazine articles have been written and major publications have expressed an interest in future stories. A few of the mentions we have seen. The fantastic website, Ask Andy About Clothes does […]